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10:23am 01-14-2010
Hoping you remain safe and can return home without too much difficulty ...

Very 73, Wey ...
Metro Atlanta, GA
8:58am 01-14-2010
Salut Pierre, vraiment soulagé de te savoir en vie. A bientôt et meilleures 73's, Dom hb9hli.
1:01am 01-14-2010
Pierre, HH2/HB9AMO
Hello all
Thanks for your nice messages. I am safe in "Les Gonaives" city.
I don't know when i will be able to operate from Port-au-Prince. I don't know if the station is still in condition.
Best regards.
12:55am 01-14-2010
Be safe my friend

9:15pm 01-13-2010
hello Pierre,
J'espère que ton sens des séismes t'auras protégé.
+ que 73, Serge F5SN
4:47pm 01-13-2010
Please stay safe and God bless all affected.
9:11am 01-13-2010
Hi Pierre.
hope you're safe there.
take care !
1:58am 01-13-2010
How are u doing down there after the quake?

We all hope u r doing well!

73 and GL de WA4TIJ Robert (Atlanta)
8:21am 01-11-2010
Masa, JA5XWB

Please try again on 30m (21z~23z)

Happy new year.
Good DX & Best 73!
de JA5XWB "Masa"
3:03pm 01-08-2010
Pierre, HH2/HB9AMO
Hello all,
Thanks for your messages.
Next activity will be on the night of 13-14 January
Best regards from Haiti
9:39pm 01-03-2010
Klaus DK8DB
Hello Pierre,
tks for cw-qso today on 20 m.It was a new one.
vy 73 HNY
Klaus DK8DB
11:33am 01-02-2010
Hello Pierre
Many thanks for the 80m QSO!!
Please try on 160m.
73 and HNY
8:47am 01-02-2010
Hello Pierre,
many thanks for the new one in CW !!! (n° 307)
73 and HNY
Geert ON4ADN / OO2A
11:19pm 01-01-2010
Hello Pierre,
Many thanks for a new band (30m). You were a good signal, I hope to work you on other bands too.
GL 73 & HNY
Roger MW0IDX
11:54am 01-01-2010
Hi Pierre,
thanks for the new one on 40 m. Hope to work you on some other bands.
Happy New Year!!
73 de Achim, DF2CQ
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