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12:12pm 01-13-2012
FB with your lw. Merci for the activity.
Que tout se passe bien.
10:52am 01-13-2012
Tnx Pierre for new country!!
73 Alex IW5ELA
9:13pm 01-12-2012
Ronan (F8AFC)
Tnx a lot Pierre for all our QSO's from 80 up to 10m :-)
I was amazed how you could pick up my small signal into the huge pile-ups you have to deal with. Great ears, great operating practices, congratulations! HNY 2012 !
Merci !
6:05pm 01-08-2012
Den (W2DEN)
Thanks for FB DX and new band/countries.
Hopefully you will oad QSOs up to LOTW...
3:34pm 12-27-2011
Giovanni D'Amico
Hi Pierre
Thanks a lot for the short QSO. It was a new country for me. Happy new year 2012! 73 de Giovanni, HB9EKH
11:54pm 12-04-2011
Ed Esborn
Thanks QSO Pierre, Was thrilled to work you via my QRP station from Naples, FL. 73 and good luck with all....
3:13pm 12-04-2011
2:32pm 12-04-2011
Randy Woods
Hi Pierre
Thanks for the short QSO and hope you have a nice stay in Haiti.
Thanks and 73 de Randy AJ4RW
1:46am 02-06-2010
Salut Pierre et bon retour au pays... 73's Dom.
2:37am 02-01-2010
Phil ve1wt
Hi Pierre...Thanks for 40m...These memories will last forever..Stay safe de Phil
11:12pm 01-30-2010
Hello Pierre,
Un grand merci pour tes infos, bon courage sur place.
73, Serge F5SN
2:57am 01-30-2010
Ulis K3LU
Good to work you again tonight Pierre on 40m. Glad to hear your signal again as a beacon to the world from HH. Be well and good DX! 73 de Ulis K3LU
11:02pm 01-29-2010
Barry, W9UCW
Godspeed, Pierre. Take care and return safely. Your wellfare is uppermost. The amateur community can wait.
73, Barry, W9UCW
1:37pm 01-29-2010
Two days ago i finally went to the partially destroyed house where i operated the radio before the earthquake. I have been very lucky to find the equipment under the table covered with rubble and dust. I quickly grab the radio, keyer and PS and went out as it could be very dangerouse to stay in the distroyed buiding. By chance the radio is still working, only the display lamp is broken. I will operate when time permit from another location. Do not expect too many QSO on all bandes.
Regards Pierre.
11:56am 01-29-2010
Dennis Peterson
Pierre, nice to know you are okay and well. I used to be N7CKD in Seattle area and then call is K4CKD. Sure would enjoy working you again my friend. Get back on 160 Pierre we all miss you. 73s for
Thanks for many QSOs K$CKDennis
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