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11:13am 01-01-2010
Vema YT1AA
Hello Pierre,

Happy New Year 2010 to you and your family!

Thanks for the new one on 80 and 40 meters!

73 Vema YT1AA
12:01am 01-01-2010
Fulvio HB9DHG
Hello Pierre, thanks so much for your great activity in HH country ". Your signal on 30m CW was amazing on the south part of Switzerland. I do like your CW only dxpeditions " Keep up the good activity.

Happy New Year 2010 to you and your family.

Vy 73 de HB9DHG Fulvio "

2:28pm 12-31-2009
Hi Pierre,

Please correct my call in your log
You put it like RA9YE
The call here is RA9YN:
31.12.09 00:02 30 CW
73's! Len RA9YN
4:48am 12-31-2009
Mike N2YBB
Thanks for the new one on 80 meters. Worked you with 80 watts into a random wire. Have a great DXPedition! Happy New Year!
Vy 73,
Mike N2YBB
6:54pm 12-30-2009
Heiko DL1RTL
thanks for new one on 40m. Good signal here !
73 de Heiko
10:58am 12-30-2009
Tomek SQ8TWP
Welcome. My call is SQ8TWP on the 30.12.2009 day of the year I had 2 QSO with the call HH2/HB9AMO:

1. 30 m 00: 29 UTC CW and there is a mistake about my call here in the log is SQ8T and my call is SQ8TWP if there is such possibility I ask it for correcting call.

2. 40 m 01: 20 UTC and here everything is all right.

I apologise for my English but is destined for it with the help of the translator.
Vy 73
HNY 2010!!!
Tomek SQ8TWP.
6:30am 12-30-2009
Hello Pierre, heureux de vous avoir contacté la semaine dernière. Bonne continuation et tous mes voeux pour l'An nouveau
Bertrand - HB9SLO
5:28am 12-30-2009
Serge UA3QUO
Many thanks for QSO and NEW ONE for me!!!! Your signal is strong on my TS-570DG, ant - Delta loop.
Very quickly in logsearch.
HNY 2010!!! Good luck!
4:42am 12-30-2009
Gary Johnson
Thanks for nice QSO with K6GRJ. You have vy nice signal into Northern California with your TS 50 and wire antenna.

Best DX and 73, Regards, Gary
1:16am 12-30-2009
Was sure I worked HH/HB9AMO now I am hearing HH2/ Did I copy wrong at first?
Tks... HNY
Andy VE9DX
7:56am 12-29-2009
Salut Pierre/Hi Pierre,

Amusez-vous bien depuis ce beau pays où j'étais en visite il y a quelques semaines déjà (18/11/09 au 15/12/2009). Meilleurs 73.

Have fun from that great country. Good DX. Enjoy the food and nice people. Vy 73.

Steve VE2TKH
4:11pm 12-28-2009
Dan, S50U
Pierre good luck I hope you can tune "extended" wire on low-bands. CUL Dan, S50U
1:36pm 12-28-2009
Markus, DL9RCF
Tnx Pierre for NEW ONE on 30 m

vy 73 de Markus, DL9RCF
10:37am 12-28-2009
Francesco, IK0FUX
Hello Pierre, great signal on 30 meters band in Europe!


Francesco, IK0FUX
8:41am 12-28-2009
Dale BA4TB
Please pay attetion to Asia,thank you!

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